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International Climbing Machines 
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ICM Climbing Robots Inspecting Windmill

ICM » Capabilities

ICM offers integration solutions for virtually any application.

Climber with EMAT NDT sensors & mechanical cleaning brush.

Mechanical Abraders

  • ROTOPEEN: Ideal for coating removal

  • STARCUTTER: Ideal for contamination removal on concrete

  • WIRE BRUSH: Ideal for removal of blistered or flaking coatings

  • NYLON BRUSH: Ideal for surface cleaning

For lead paint removal, coating removal, surface preparation, radiological, chemical, biological cleanup, the use of Mechanical Abraders is critical because no "secondary waste" is generated.

Non-Aggressive Surface Cleaning

  • Proprietary nylon brush cleaning with water injection


NDT (Non-Destructive Testing)

  • Coating thickness (dry film thickness gauge)

  • Wall thickness measuring / corrosion inspections

  • Radiological testing and surveys

  • Crack and surface flaw detection

  • Ultrasonic testing


Remote Camera Inspection

  • Visual inspections

  • Pan, tilt, zoom


Pressure-Fed Paint Roller

  • Remote-controlled application of most paints and mastics

  • No over-spray


Paint & Mastic Spray Head

  • Standard paints & coatings

  • Plural-component epoxy

On-Board Laser

  • For coating removal. decontamination, surface preparation and surface cleaning. No secondary waste. Efficient. Fast.


Crack Injection

  • Pumping epoxies, urethanes, other polymers or cementious materials to the machines give them the capability of performing remote-controlled crack and damage repair.


Sand Blasting

  • Virtually any sand/grit media can be delivered from ICM machines and captured at the source, thus eliminating tenting/containment structure.


Water Blasting

  • Ultra pressure, high pressure, or low pressure water delivery systems can be attached to ICM climbing machines and the water completely contained and capture.


Your Technology

  • ICM is receptive to discussing technology partnering, joint ventures and licensing opportunities with you

Surfacing Cleaning Climbing Robots
ICM Dual Climbing Robot Controls
ICM Climbing Robot Sprayer
Boiler Tube Wall Climbing Robot

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ICM Climbing Robots Inspection and Maintenance
Climbing Robot Dam Inspection
ICM Robot Climbing Nuclear Cooling Tower
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