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About ICM

International Climbing Machines 
We make Climbing Robots
Inspection and Maintenance Robots

Faster • Safer • Smarter  

International Climbing Machines – We make Climbing Robots. Our machines can climb walls, tanks, ships, building structures, dams, towers, etc.

2018 Climbing Robot

International Climbing Machines

Inspection and Maintenance Robots

A bold new vision for changing how the world performs work on elevated surfaces.

ICM is comprised of individuals from a vast spectrum of disciplines and backgrounds. Drawing from an eclectic cauldron of product development, mechanical, chemical and electrical engineering, industrial contracting, international business, entrepreneurial and startup expertise---ICM has assembled a team fully capable of going far beyond the limitations of convention. Perhaps ICM people can best be described as: Pragmatic problem solvers, pioneers, business professionals and hardworking devotees. This mix of individuals is intent upon changing how elevated height work has been performed over the past few thousand years.

ICM was incorporated in April of 2001 as a focused R&D effort developing small, remote-controlled devices which could climb vertical surfaces, particularly surfaces with boltheads, weld seams, plates and other obstructions commonly found in real life field conditions. With the assistance from three government grants, founder and investor capital, ICM embarked upon a saga of intense exploration. The result: the technology has flourished into its current market-ready climbing machine.

"ICM is not replacing workers - we are re-skilling workers. There is a one to one ratio: one machine to one operator," explains Sam Maggio, president of ICM, "ICM is very much about stretching boundaries, to innovate, thereby creating something better. Conventional methods of performing work on elevated heights -- especially decontamination, coating removal, and inspections -- are so hazardous, costly and damaging to the environment. The ICM method is simply a more intelligent and effective alternative to the old way. Frankly stated: ICM instead."

View the ICM Demo Video to check out some of the ICM Climbing Robot's Features and Applications:

International Climbing Machines Climbing Robot
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