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Climbing Robots

Inspection and Maintenance Robots
ICM International Climbing Machines

World Leader in Suction Held Robots

ICM has developed a technology to radically alter how elevated height work is performed. Our portable, remote-controlled devices can scale virtually any vertical or inverted surface, and, because they are operated safely from the ground, humans are not exposed to dangerous heights or to dangerous chemical or toxin environs.

Our machines can climb walls, tanks, ships, building structures, dams, towers, etc.

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ICM Climbing Robots

Inspection and Maintenance Robots

Climber On Insulated Tank2.jpg

Suction Held Robots

ICM robots climb virtually any vertical or inverted surface: walls, tanks, ships, towers. They are available in three sizes: Standard, Mini, and Micro. 

Internationa Climbing Machines Underwate

Underwater Robots

ICM Underwater Climbers can be deployed in tanks, vessels, on ship hulls or other structures. They are held to the surface with suction.

Mag Climber 2B.jpg

Magnetically Held Robots

ICM has developed a magnetically held robot specifically to climb and clean Boiler Tube Walls in power plants.

Let The Robot Do It

ICM Inspection & Maintenance Robots
Perfect for Hazardous & Dangerous Missions

ICM machines can be employed on an array of dangerous missions, such as: lead paint removal, surface decontamination, removal of radiological, chemical and biological agents.


ICM machines may also be utilized to perform testing, inspections, Maintenance and surveys.

View the ICM Demo Video to check out some of the ICM Climbing Robot's Features and Applications:

Industries & Applications for ICM Climbing Robots

  • DOE

  • DOD

  • Inspection & Maintenance Robots

  • Power Plants, especially Nuclear

  • Hydroelectric Dams

  • Wind Turbines

  • Aircraft & Aerospace

  • Shipyards

  • Shipping/Ship Repair/Maintenance

  • Rescue & Emergency Response/Firefighting

  • Oil Refineries

  • Chemical Plants

  • Steel Mills & Heavy Industry

  • Pulp & Paper Plants

  • Coating removal with Roto Peen or Starcutter

  • Coating removal with blast media

  • Surface cleaning with nonabrasive brush and water

  • Complete capture---All cleaning / coating removal methods have vacuum capture. All waste is captured!

  • NDT and NDE Inspection. We can remotely test for coating thickness, wall thickness, corrosion or stress cracking

  • Visual Inspection. Remote controlled cameras with pan zoom and tilt

  • Coating application. Pressure fed roller and spray applicator in development.

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Climb, Clean & Capture

ICM climbers are small, remote-controlled, easily deployable, inspection and manintenance robots with big payload capabilities. » Climbing Robots


ICM is comprised of individuals from a vast spectrum of disciplines and backgrounds. » About ICM


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